What is athleisure clothing and apparel?

Athleisure clothing is something that you can wear any day, any time, and during any activity. These clothes are made from materials that are breathable, soft, comfortable, and great for movement. So go ahead and give them a try. And if they don't meet your standards you can return them with our hassle free Return Policy.


Do you have an actual physical store I can visit?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not. Items can only be purchased online.


What is your logo? Or what does your logo represent?

Great question! That’s our secret. At least for now it is. Email us with your guess and if you are correct we will send you a one time use discount code for 10% off your next purchase. Go to our Contact Us page to send us your guess.


My product arrived damaged or flawed what should I do?

Contact Us immediately so we can correct the error. Please provide your name, order number, and item(s) that are flawed in your message. In addition, please describe the damage or flaw with a picture showing the flaw. Our products should be shipped in excellent condition and if they arrived to you damaged/flawed we will make it better by issuing a full refund or getting you the correct product. Once we receive your email and details regarding the product, we will review it and contact you for further instructions. We will also need you to send us the item(s) and we will provide you with a free shipping label for this. 


I received the wrong item from my online purchase what should I do?

Please, please, please Contact Us as soon as possible so we can work on getting you the correct item. This should never happen, but if it does we are very sorry for the inconvenience and we will fix it. Please provide your name, order number, and item(s) that you have not received. In addition, please tell us what the item is that you received. After review will will contact you with further instructions


I still do not have my online order. How do I get it?

We are extremely sorry if this happens. Ever since COVID, it seems that shipping services can experience delays. If you have not received your product in 7-14 days please Contact Us so we can help solve the issue. In your message please provide your name, order number, and item(s) that you have not received.

Do you offer custom services like custom apparel or accessories?

Yes…and no. It depends on the design and/or item request. If you have an idea for a product or design, we will do our best to try and turn that idea into reality. There may be a fee involved for the design process as well. Feel free to email us with your ideas and requests and we will see what we can do.